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Component Specifications 

NetToolwork's SNMP.NET V3 is the latest release of our highly acclaimed .NET developer tools. Simply put, this component is the easiest to use SNMP component available.

NetToolworks SNMP advantages:

  • SNMP.NET allows you to easily create applications to manage any type of device that support the SNMP protocol. You could manage a network of servers, printers, sensors, routers or anything else. You can query, recieve notifications or set values to any device on the network.
  • Completely revised MIB parsing engine designed to be universally compatible
  • Some examples are - monitoring sensors in complex devices and acting when certain values are exceeded. Communicate with printers to check toner levels or maintenance status, monitoring network routers for traffic statistics, checking uptime on remote customer service kiosks.  
  • AES encryption AES is a much stronger standard than DES. Utilizing encryption will allow you to prevent hackers from falsifying readings or watching readings as they traverse the network. This is useful for sensitive applications such as defense networks, financial institutions or any other area where security is the primary concern. 
  • Mature product with many years in the field. NetToolworks first released SNMP in 2002, with numerous updates. We also were the first to support SNMP V3.
  • 100% C# managed code. Intuitive interface makes it very easy to use and implement.
  • Total control of your application. Classes for high level SNMP functionality for quick deployment and low level classses that give you the ulitmate control
  • TrapSender and NotificationSender classes for easily sending traps and notifications.
  • TrapCatcher class for catching traps and notifications
  • The most intuitively designed interfaces and classes on the market for the SNMP protocol.
  • Backed by a rapid response support team. We often respond nights, weekends and holidays!
  • Customers such as GE, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Cisco, US Air Force, Australian Dept of Defense, HP and others. Our software is used in many aerospace, telcom, universities and defense companies.
  • #1 selling SNMP component on the market. Compare our product features and ease of use to ANY other and you will see why our product gets choosen over all others. We specialize in SNMP!
  • Runtime royalty free licensing.