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Sunday, September 18 2016

This is our first introductory blog post. We will use the 1st of September as the 'benchmark'

Current Market Outlook : Neutral

NetToolworks Market Indicator : Buy

Market Model Investment Indicator : Buy

Gold/Silver : Hold / Buy on Dips

Summary: September/October are seasonally volatile periods. Going into September, indicators are still in the green areas (buy) with gold/silver overbought. Long term investors who have seen large gains may want to take some money off the table and re-enter at lower prices.

Agent #1: Report

Identified possible major market top in 2015 and has consquently had a long term sell signal in place since. Cautious stance at this time - while acknowledging market has gone through it's all time highs, it's not by much and still in an area where the market can still either break out or down.

Profit taking / buy on dips for Gold.

Agent #2: Report

Switched mostly to cash in anticipation of weakness. Questionable strength in economy, profits, leading indicators, and proprietary indicators. Layoff activity expected to increase, especially after holidays if sales do not materialize. More bearish than the others.

Agent #3: No change - new report expected October

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